Jan. 15th, 2016

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although written by the victors –

with careful selection, and if read with the right questions in mind,

history serves best those at the bottom of the chain

and can even elevate them to leaders

in the game

© Heath Muchena
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one has to admit

it is difficult to serve women’s needs in particular

better than Merritt Singer did

but if his inspiration was some five wives and twenty-four kids

then it makes it harder for the average man to do for the ladies the same

and succeed

just imagine all the men who tried before and after J. Hargreaves

© Heath Muchena
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A bird entered a man’s home through a window opening, which the wind pushed shut behind it a moment thereafter. The bird was trapped, and seeing no other way out of the mess it tried to go through a hole in the wall, which was in this case a fireplace. It was an impulsive decision which proved fateful. Its desire to quickly get back out to the fresh air landed it in a situation beyond dire. What it hadn’t realised was that the coal on the hearth was still very hot; so it never made it up the chimney, and became dinner for the man instead.

© Heath Muchena, 2015
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there was once a man who was skillful with his sword

but in the comfortable absence of war he had developed a debilitating languor

then one day an enemy he had previously defeated came to exact revenge

bursting through the door, catching the man off guard

the enemy not allowing a minute for response and the man too slow to reach for his weapon

he was only afforded a split second to regret before watching his enemy shoot an arrow to his chest

before moving in close to decapitate

© Heath Muchena


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