Jan. 27th, 2016

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Jan. 27th, 2016 01:52 pm
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I want to take away the space, so there’s no vacuum
and feel flat and neutral
when I spend the fall equinox in the southern hemisphere
upon the Table Mountain plateau

I want to lie there and have dreams about the future
in which ancestors will feature
so they can tell riveting stories of disappearing streams
and rivers I’ll never swim

And when I wake, I’ll still not move
until I’m full of hunger to the brim
and only then will I abseil, but without rope
I wonder how, when I’ll be without a belayer, a lover, god or hope

so on second thought, I’ll just climb down
feet on the ground
and leave my head in the cloud
at least the part of it that is rot

© Heath Muchena
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they’d often spotted each other on the Metrolink during weekdays, and both done their fair share of pretending not to notice, so they’d never conversed ’til that early evening.

‘I quite fancy you’ she voiced excitedly, which sent his mind into an etymological frenzy. half a dozen or so synonyms sounding in his head. he was stunned, not only by her beauty, which was even better up close – hardly the norm – but also her wily ways; and at the same time he was trying to deduce the meaning of the phrase she’d just uttered. wondering what she meant by it. whether it was just another pleasantry. he always found the terminology ambiguous despite its relatively common usage across the country. all these thoughts were instant.

he quickly replied ‘you’re so lovely’.

‘then kiss me’, she prompted – confidently.

that moment clarified it. fancy had now been defined. as if she could read his mind. so he leaned in and they kissed. but no sooner had the tram arrived at Exchange Quays than the two could even part lips.

he had arrived at his destination. but he’d also experienced a new beginning.

© Heath Muchena


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