May. 4th, 2016

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dreamt I was in something akin to the Sumerian temple-bordello
and therein she was… with features of an angel

so I was resolved that I would recite to her Shakespeare’s Sonnet 17
because forget the setting – she was the most majestic being I had ever seen
she stood out
like violet at the end of the spectrum of a colour wheel

and I had a deep desire to know what she was about
allured by her beauty – all the while waiting for a moment to steal

would I appeal?
I was beginning to doubt

all the same, I planned to let her know how I felt
that was before she vanished…
shutting the doors on what was to me still undiscovered
like a scarlet pimpernel in rainy and cloudy weather

leaving me with a closed heart

© Heath Muchena, 2015
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a stranger sees beauty which familiarity often leaves undiscovered. but living in such a big city, it made no sense that I should deceive myself in thinking she hadn’t had many other lovers. still, she was the most beautiful and inventive like Hedy Lamarr; with no visible emotional scars in her eyes or intellect. and she brought out the best in me – thus no expletives in my spread spectrum.

and how could I not love
when nothing could armour me against her charm
and she was all I could think about.

because if it be true that madness is always at the door of the mind
then mine was wide open to a love so blind.

so when it failed we were quick to find
that the idea of us had been more damaging than our deeds
and we easily agreed to just leave our past behind.

besides, we figured of civilisation too, it will be said:
‘they loved humanity better than they understood it’.

© Heath Muchena, 2015
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he was determined to secure the land
through the programme of resettlement
to further his own ends
but he could only do this with the consent of the chief…

so even as a stupendously gifted negotiator
he still had to approach the mission with the astuteness of Disraeli when he managed to have the Khedive accede to Britain’s influence over the Suez Canal by buying up the company’s shares…
in essence, every part of his execution had to be very calculated

and he didn’t want to think of failure or rather set backs
all risks had been considered and he was more than willing to take…
with a vision of building something great
just how he imagined the Michelin brothers must have felt
back in 1888

besides, it was too late to backtrack
when the true test of his strength and fate awaited
so from there he took only forward steps, albeit with bated breath
towards the goals he had set
promising not to stop even for a moment of rest
suggesting that would be worse than death

said he’d would face every moment with courage
aligning his faith with his desires
since only by believing as such
would the desires be fulfilled

© Heath Muchena, 2015
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the harbinger’s words heeded
and as ready as they could be for the vagaries
they entered the city of promise
often seen as Africa’s Brussels – the political capital of the continent
she had a good sense for wealth creation opportunities
and all indicators signalled ripe!

he deemed it fresh and fertile ground for setting up his lobbying practice – one of a kind

both were determined with a shared vision
all set to begin the grind
each other – clearly all they had now
bringing them even closer

© Heath Muchena, 2015


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