Sep. 7th, 2016

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my heart was open to a change of mind
but as things stood I just had to leave her behind

and since pleasure is the standard of choice
I had to enjoy mine, hard as it was to resist our electric chemistry…

and the sweet seduction of her voice
that upon auditory perception drew me to her
with the natural affinity of sexual chemotaxis

but even a fraction contains infinity
so although I felt incomplete without her
I still had to find my forever

I had to keep moving to my tune
trying to make sense of the universe…

this mysterious perpetuum mobile

© Heath Muchena, 2016
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her scent
as fruity as perfume
made with first-grade agarwood

her curves
have the perfect roundness
like that of the moon

her ways
her tastes
she naturally behaves
as though innately groomed

tender kisses she’ll give
but few

she’ll serve
but still totally independent like Tsai Ing-wen

her grace
as if chaste
she commands respect

and though far from innocent
she’s by far the sweetest

the closest thing to pure
the expression of all that is good

© Heath Muchena, 2016


Sep. 7th, 2016 03:25 pm
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he had strong ideas
and rather sneaky ways to get them heard

things always had to be steered in a direction that best served his own interests
to him everything was a strategy game
and he always had to benefit

always looking to profit
he had traits one imagines a Rudolph Hess or some such character to have possessed

worse, depending on your thinking, he was like a hunting Hymenoptera
that paralyses without killing
to provide its larva unmoving but live prey
and his dealings provided that type of feeling
just the kind of thrill he was seeking

he wasn’t after the fleeting glory of a day
he wanted to become the mainstay

to have influence – that’s what he truly desired

still, even with his big bag of tricks
it meant a lot to invest before reaping gains
and he just couldn’t seem to fix or find a way out
of a sorta Triffin dilemma he was faced with

it was becoming clear he’d likely have a permanent deficit
if he was to keep appeasing those in the tactical power positions
in order to then manipulate or convince them to further his own agenda

so he felt trapped in his own scheme
seeing as he had to keep whatever they required amply supplied

and he found himself wondering
what he was really in it for
if the purpose of gathering info was only to appear knowledgeable
to then enable him to gain the control he felt he required to realise his goals

and in the case that he managed to do so
what then once he’d reached that pinnacle?

and because there was always more to know
how would he even be sure when to stop?

© Heath Muchena, 2016
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her care
better than you get on Harley Street, I swear!

believe me, it’s the very best…
not to be found elsewhere

a tender love thing
and it’s free
no Howard de Walden Estate fee
not even a request for a ring

her love is so fair
so rare

and now I understand what they mean when they say
exchange is an interchange of excesses
for I cannot imagine all the love and energy we’d have wasted…

had she chosen to not engage
had I not looked her way

© Heath Muchena, 2016
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reeds and rivers go together
in harmonious summer weather

and so, too, my needs you tend like a caregiver
but only when in return you need a favour

O, sweet seasonal lover
how I still prefer your time over any other

and when you’re gone
my heart turns to stone that rapids roll on the riverbed
uprooting what for a time stood fixedly on the bank’s fertile grounds
enjoying nature’s nourishment and flourishing
like these sun-kissed ochre stalks with supreme greens that I see all around

but since constitutional temperament might vary the form of romantic experience
I blame my tenderhearted notions on my gentle disposition
and so upon your return next season
I will hope for even fairer weather

because if rivers and reeds go together
in harmonious summer weather
then why not you and I stay together
so we can make each other better?

© Heath Muchena, 2016
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He was accustomed to spending his Friday nights out on the town, as they say.
But on this day he found himself in an invidious situation when the labourers put forward a cogent case against him and his retinue directly to the High Commissioner, giving him cause for concern as the news was likely to unnerve his sponsors, who had supported his ventures on a presupposed condition that his operations would conform to their recommended safety standards.

So in fact, the offenses imputed to them – him at the helm and bearing the brunt of what he considered gripe – were largely of an ethical nature and not necessarily attributable to a specific breach of law or statute. Still, they brought much displeasure and were a most unwelcome inconvenience to his life of leisure and possibly damaging to his reputation, being a man of his stature.

© Heath Muchena, 2016
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in our world of free-floating currencies
there’s a fine line between bluefin tuna and pilchard dreams
and that is why I’m forever working hard
to sharpen the faculties

because see, as E.H. Carr once wrote ‘the science of economics presupposes a given political order and cannot be profitably studied in isolation from politics’
moreover, with today’s global socio-economic structure
it’s not enough to just create
and it’s said that one now needs to acquire cyber real estate, network and engage
among other things, to be better prepared when the age-old game of power and influence is being played in the virtual terrain

in addition, so that when the types of new world Sykes-Picot agreements are drawn up to divide digital assets one might stand to gain
because in essence, the motivations for the scrambles won’t be that much different compared to those when they were carving up territory in the Middle East or partitioning Africa
since the state of our humanity is most likely to remain unchanged

and with that in mind, from rise to rest – I work…
doing the education, and a bit of everything, to earn a living
still, I’ve solemnly sworn to never leave my first and most faithful friend
that is, this pen in my hand
which even when all that I earn is stealthily confiscated by that hidden tax called inflation, still turns my sweet suffering into invaluable lessons

© Heath Muchena, 2016
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I prefer to focus when working
no distractions
I cannot multitask
that’s a computing concept I’m still not convinced humans are quite capable of executing effectively

so I say, please
let there be silence… it’s a must!
even Alex Bell refused to have a telephone in his study to avoid disturbance, I read once

still, sometimes I have music in the background playing
when it takes a little longer getting into the flow
for it takes more than just creativity to have a vision materialise
and at times too I find that nothing flourishes when the mood is monotone
so as I write this moment
I can hear the sounds of a ‘Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven’

after all, what’s important is not so much the method of working
or the conditions for that matter
because as long as there’s action
then something is happening
and depending on the direction of the intention
it could be something penetrating or quite insignificant
as the words that make up this pathetic attempt at a poem

© Heath Muchena, 2016
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they say I can’t do it
that is, write a poem that will be remembered tomorrow
but I say, no!
just let me learn some more

they say there’s no space in the market for my kind of flow
but little do they know I’m the Charles Dow…
and in the end – I’ll set the trend
and introduce forms… never before known
because see, I don’t do it for the reach
and my mind is already rich

I do this for you
and your kids

so, of course there’s still hope
and I know as I’m sure so did Blind Jack of Knaresborough –
who was first to build English roads
that nothing is impossible
if you put into it your soul

© Heath Muchena, 2016
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There was no shielding his personality from the uncompromising scrutiny. He felt exposed – as though his head was impaled on a pike and displayed in public. He had less, in fact, no more support left… like petals with no calyx.

But that wasn’t all. He had also lost everything he’d invested in securities and bonds, and felt he had no one to blame, not the Black-Scholes equation, not even Robert Dall. Felt it would never be the same again and had no faith or foresight left in him to imagine or wonder if he’d ever see an end to the deep and dark disdain. Felt it was now just all pain and no gain. Life had become one hell of a losing game. He felt ashamed.

And his existence seemed to mirror his feelings on life’s stage.

© Heath Muchena, 2016


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