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even if the youth continue to spurn the old ideas and traditions
an absolutist state that doesn’t crumble in a time of great economic downturn
may never come under greater impetus for change
and it may be best to move your self to another dominion

© Heath Muchena
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every nugget of gold
will have its impurities

and because nature is raw
you too shall have your idiosyncrasies

now consider that even the sun has spots
but always remember that they are only made visible by the light
that the sun itself shines out and away

and learn that existence is sort of quid pro quo
so life is such that at times you have to wear the chargrined smile

© Heath Muchena

half token

Feb. 13th, 2016 03:29 pm
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early Saturday morning

her scent still lingered but she’d disappeared

she liked to sleep in her own bed

and besides, she didn’t want to become attached,

neither did he

yet she’d left him longing

and hoping that the next time, she wouldn’t just leave a token

but instead would stay

but before brunch she was back

telling him how she’d hardly slept –

confused by the feelings he’d aroused in her

then they spent the day together

’til early Sunday morning

when again the night abducted her like Proserpina –

although he’d have sworn even Bernini

would not have been able to sculpt her – being so sophisticated

she told him that she’d wished him into existence

and he responded telling her she was the best he’d ever seen

© Heath Muchena
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She wasn’t the type that sought the securities to be gotten from his abilities

but rather his soul…
She required he be selfless…

that her beauty be enough…

as if Serapis was really Christ,

as if Arius wasn’t right.

She thought herself the sun…
the one with whom he would synthesise…

along with the multitudes who could not escape her rays

and those who basked in them… adulating…

Only to tremble upon night’s return

when She unthreaded the warm cocoon

leaving them at the cross roads of the unholy matrimony.

© Heath Muchena
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praise one can accept
but to be ordained… please, no! I’m just a man

and one can’t help but think of the saints
take Augustine for instance…

one can trace back to his days in Carthage
when Manichaeism and scepticism were the ways

before he read Cicero’s works
before Ambrose baptised both him and his bastard Adeodatus…

even ’til his very end
who was with him at the time of his death? was it not Count Boniface?
the same man who invited Genseric and his Vandals into Africa…
that one even feels it vulgar to mention the bloody consequence

so praise I can accept
but to be ordained… please, no! I’m just a man

© Heath Muchena
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none too soon that her and I wanted to be alone

but the incarnate Jerome of Rome was in the room
as though there was nowhere else for him to roam

and so, a sort of passion police he’d become

© Heath Muchena


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