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in our world of free-floating currencies
there’s a fine line between bluefin tuna and pilchard dreams
and that is why I’m forever working hard
to sharpen the faculties

because see, as E.H. Carr once wrote ‘the science of economics presupposes a given political order and cannot be profitably studied in isolation from politics’
moreover, with today’s global socio-economic structure
it’s not enough to just create
and it’s said that one now needs to acquire cyber real estate, network and engage
among other things, to be better prepared when the age-old game of power and influence is being played in the virtual terrain

in addition, so that when the types of new world Sykes-Picot agreements are drawn up to divide digital assets one might stand to gain
because in essence, the motivations for the scrambles won’t be that much different compared to those when they were carving up territory in the Middle East or partitioning Africa
since the state of our humanity is most likely to remain unchanged

and with that in mind, from rise to rest – I work…
doing the education, and a bit of everything, to earn a living
still, I’ve solemnly sworn to never leave my first and most faithful friend
that is, this pen in my hand
which even when all that I earn is stealthily confiscated by that hidden tax called inflation, still turns my sweet suffering into invaluable lessons

© Heath Muchena, 2016


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